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Here are some renowned sources in the field of Digital Forensics that have mentioned my research and documentation efforts regarding iOS Unified Logs. I would like to take this opportunity to thank these individuals and express my gratitude for the time they have dedicated to reading my articles, testing my tool, or even contacting me for an interview.

Heather Charpentier and Alex Brignoni

Heather and Alexis are widely recognized as iconic figures in our field. Through their renowned podcast, 'Digital Forensics Now,' Heather and Alexis have repeatedly mentioned one of my articles. Heather also took the time to personally contact me to test the iOS Unified Logs Acquisition tool.

Don't Strive to be Mediocre
Apple Is At It Again, Changing Our Logicals!

Derek Eiri

Derek Eiri is a well-known figure in the Digital Forensic world, regularly publishing articles on his blog, Mr. Eerie. He was the first to contact me to test the tool and has continuously provided feedback and improvement suggestions. He also wrote an article about the iOS Unified Logs Acquisition tool.


Lionel Notari's iOS Unified Logs Acquisition tool

Forensic Focus

Forensic Focus, contacted me in February 2024 to conduct an interview. This interview focused on my journey in eDiscovery and the importance of paying attention to iOS Unified Logs in your investigations.


Lionel Notari's interview for Forensic Focus

SANS Institute

The SANS Institue is a leading cybersecurity and Digital Forensics organization providing training, certifications, and resources. They recently released the updated version of their reference poster, "Advanced Smartphone Forensics," which notably features my iOS Unified Logs Acquisition tool.


DFIR Advanced Smartphone Forensics Poster

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