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iOS Unified Logs collector - FREE

A fast and user-friendly tool designed to extract Unified Logs from an iOS device in a forensically sound manner:




















Please send an email to to request the tool. 


To ensure smooth execution of the Python script, a few prerequisites need to be completed beforehand:

  • Make sure you're running Python 3 on a Mac computer.

  • Install the following required librairies:

    • sourcedefender (pip install sourcedefender)

    • checksumdir (pip install checksumdir)

    • customtkinter (pip install customtkinter)

    • tkinterDnD (pip install python-tkdnd)


  • Once the libraries are installed, run the script with the following command::​

    • ​sudo python3 -m sourcedefender iOS_UnifiedLogs_acquisition_V2.pye


I know the tool might not be perfect... please be indulgent and don't hesitate to send me an email if you see any room for improvement.

Lionel Notari

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